It is so incredible to visit a city built on water. Venice has so much history, gorgeous architecture, and there’s nothing better than being able to indulge in Italian food & wine all day long.

If the thought of traveling in a Gondola just makes you want to dance around your living room, then this is the place for you! This place not only looks so amazingly romantic online, it is when you’re there (so if you’re thinking about this place for your honeymoon it should be top on your list!).

Nathan and I had countless romantic dinners in Venice, even the breakfast was romantic (which I didn’t even think was possible).

Our Accommodation

The hotel we stayed at was called ‘Ad Place’. This hotel is a 4 star and is located literally around the corner from St Marks Square (St Marks Square in Italian is called ‘Piazza San Marco’, which we didn’t realise till our last day and spent most of our time confused haha -but that’s a story for another day).


This hotel is in a prime spot, it’s not the easiest to find (which is also part of the fun) so make sure you have google maps working so you can follow the walking man to your destination.

Venice is full of cute alleyways that look the same everywhere and the main transport is by water on a gondola or little boat. The streets are tiny so it’s really easy to get lost but you’ll soon figure out your way and start recognising little landmarks to help you find your way back from somewhere.

The Rooms

I did lots of research when looking for our hotel and as you may have noticed if you’ve read my other blogs, we like to stay in luxurious places that are reasonably priced. This hotel is exactly that. The bedrooms have Chandeliers and the most stunning Italian furniture and bedding. If you want to experience Italy at its finest I think this hotel is a great option. Even the mirrors have luxurious golden frames. Each room comes with soft bathrobes and cute lilac slippers.

The above photo on the is a picture of the hotel’s entrance that I’ve taken from their website. I had to steal it because I don’t have many decent ones on my camera. You can see the beautiful candles that light the entrance. It’s truly amazing and looks exactly like that, if not better when you’re there.


We also got complimentary breakfast at this hotel which was delicious (above photo on the right was taken by me). The hotel also offered day-time snacks, which is so perfect for when you want to nibble on something but aren’t quite ready for lunch or dinner.  Tea, coffee, and iced water are available at your leisure too.

They also have a stunning rooftop terrace to enjoy views and relax on comfy chairs under a cabana with candles.

Dining in Venice

The food in Venice can range from street food which is cheap to extremely expensive fine dining dinners. Apparently St Marks Square in Venice is the most expensive place in the world to buy a glass of coke! So that gives you an idea of how pricey some of these restaurants can get.

We dined at a stunning restaurant called ‘Vino Vino’. It was pretty much a gamble as we couldn’t decide where to go but this place had great reviews online and they have an affordably priced menu which is a bonus! The meal we had here was probably one of the best meals I’ve ever had in my life, so I highly recommend it. Here’s the link if you want to check out their website Vino Vino Wine Bar.  If you are to dine here and the weather is good, make sure to eat in the garden area. It’s a beautiful candle lit outdoor space surrounded by vines growing on the walls. It looks like a place out of a movie.

Another place I would highly recommend is ‘Ristorante da Raffaele’. We dined at this restaurant on our last night in Venice and I must say, we couldn’t have made a better decision. Located right by a classic Venetian bridge, next to a canal of musical Gondolas floating past, this couldn’t have been a more romantic spot.

We made sure book during the day to secure a canal side table in the evening just in time for sunset. I ordered fresh home-made gnocchi with fresh tomato mozzarella cheese and basil leaves. Nathan ordered lasagne with bolognese sauce. The food we ordered may sound simple but the flavours were truly out of this world. The wine we ordered was also delicious Italian wine called Colli Euganei Fior d’Arancio which is a is a Muscat wine made from grapes grown in the Veneto wine region’s Colli Euganei hills, in northeastern Italy. If you like Moscato I would strongly recommend trying this wine when you visit Venice.

We heard from other locals and tourists that the best thing to do when trying to catch a Gondola ride was to bargain with locals to get a cheaper price. We tried but didn’t do too well as it was summer and Venice was packed with tourists so demand was super high.








We ended up going to check out a museum and decided to take the Gondola just before Sunset. It was a tad more expensive at this time but well worth it!


Photography by Nathan Clarke.

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