Congratulations on your engagement! What an amazing feeling it is to have been asked by the person you love to be theirs forever!

If you can’t stop looking at your engagement ring, well this is just the beginning! I’ve been engaged for quite a while now and I still find myself gazing at my ring! It is the most special feeling to have a beautiful ring sitting on your finger reminding you of the commitment the person you love has made to you.

Read on to get some tips on announcing your engagement…

The Official Announcement

First things first – Facebook! Remember, before you announce anything on Facebook, let your nearest and dearest ones know with a personal message or phone call. Obviously, there will be people that you’ll just contact the second you get the chance to scream and say I’m engaged!! But straight after you have done this, the easiest way to let everyone else know at once is usually by making a wonderful post! Try to do this soon after you’ve done your personal messaging. You will be surprised at how fast news travels, even when you’ve only told one person! The last thing you want is people saying why didn’t you tell me? (but if that does happen, don’t worry, they’ll soon get over it).

The most popular time to post when most people are online on Facebook is between 6-7pm in the evening.

Engagement Party

It’s time to party! An engagement party is a great way to really embrace that newly engaged excitement with all the people who love you and are bursting with joy to hear your good news! You can read about my engagement party in the wedding diary section of my blog which I’ll be adding soon 🙂  If you are going to have an engagement party, it would be advised to do it as soon as possible. In this situation, there is no time like the present! If for some reason, you can’t do it right straight away you could always pick a weekend and let your friends and family know to hold that weekend for the celebration! That way you have Friday, Saturday, or Sunday to choose from and everyone can look forward to it. It also gives you options when asking venues for availability.

When planning this party remember to keep in mind that you also have your wedding to spend on, so unless your budget is not an issue, you could perhaps think of some ways to get creative so it doesn’t use all of your pocket money! (Read my blog How To Plan A Classy Engagement Party That Won’t Break The Bank to get some ideas).


If you love photos, planning a pre-wedding shoot will most likely already be on your to-do list. If you’re feeling strange about the idea of this or you just want some tips, you may like to read my Guide to Engagement Photoshoots, this may help you to feel at ease during your shoot so you can get the most beautiful photos. Pre-wedding / engagement photo shoots are the perfect way to test out a photographer that you’re thinking of booking for your wedding photography!

Still not convinced? Read my ‘Reasons Why you should have a Pre-wedding or Engagement Photoshoot’ to help you decide (especially if your partner isn’t into the idea!) I hope this helps! Feel free to like, comment and share!


Congratulations again!

Thank you for reading xx

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