Santorini just blew us away. It literally looked like heaven on earth. The water, the sun, the white buildings, and caves were beyond stunning. When we decided on visiting the Greece we first thought we must go to the Greek islands but we couldn’t decide which one. We did some research on other Greek Islands and soon realised that Santorini was exactly what we were looking for on this holiday; towering white cliffs, delicious food, stunning waters, and romantic sunsets.

Our Accommodation

We heard that the time of year we were visiting Santorini was the busiest time of the year and the streets would be packed (July-August). So Nathan and I decided that we wanted to stay away from the busy-ness of the main areas in Santorini. We were lucky enough to book the last room available at the wonderful Aghios Artemios Traditional Houses in a town called Immogervili.

This place was perfect. There is no better way to get a taste of life in Greece than staying in traditional accommodation. The most amazing thing about these caves is that no air con is needed because they naturally stay cool inside, even on the hottest days!

Below is a picture of the breakfast room at the accommodation.

The temperature in the cave rooms made it the perfect place to cool down after laying in the heat beside the pool.

Food in Santorini

After visiting Italy, we thought there couldn’t be a place with better tasting food until we arrived in Santorini tried traditional Greek food. The first place we dined was at a restaurant called Ammudi Bay which is in Oia. This restaurant was on the water’s edge, a perfect place to enjoy views of the sunset. This restaurant had a selection of fresh fish that you pick out yourself. The fresh fish is then cooked by the amazing chefs and served beautifully on a plate.

One thing I will never forget about Santorini is the delicious taste of their Greek Salad. I like salads but I never knew a salad could be this delicious. There’s something different about the cucumber, feta, halloumi cheese, olives, red onions and tomatoes in Greece. If you’re looking holiday where you can lose weight without trying, I recommend Santorini! The Greek salads are unbelievably tasty. I don’t what the secret is but after trying the greek salad we couldn’t get enough of it, it was the only thing we wanted to eat.

Getting to this part of town was rather interesting and the traffic was crazy! Like most of Santorini, the drive to this spot was on roads that were mostly gravel, with sharp bending turns, to next drivers who don’t drive a safe speed. However, we managed to find a perfect parking spot and find our way there and back safely!

Driving in Santorini

Unless you are from a country that drives on the left-hand side of the road, make sure to check you can handle driving on the left-hand side of the car before you hire a vehicle. Being from New Zealand, driving in Santorini was an experience that was the complete opposite for us. Nathan managed the challenge of driving a manual and changing gears with his right-hand extremely well (I most certainly can’t say that I would have been able to do that).

Walking through the cliffs of Immogervili

This is the part of Santorini that truly feels like you’re in heaven. The views from the white cliffs are just unbelievable.

The ocean that surrounds Santorini looks like it’s never-ending and the huge cruise ships that sail past look tiny against the masses of water you can see around. The views are truly unreal.

Sunset in Santorini

It is true, the Sunset in Santorini looks incredible. There is nothing else you can see but the blue of the sky and blue of the ocean and the sun that looks like it’s disappearing into the sea.

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