This is the question that lots of engaged couples ask. Why have an engagement shoot?This article gives 5 reasons why you should have an engagement shoot. Read on to find out

Reason 1

To capture that newly engaged glow

The feeling of being engaged is unbelievable. For a while, you and your fiancé may keep saying ‘I can’t believe we’re getting married”. It is true, you really cannot believe it. You are going to be a bride and groom, and husband and wife. It’s such an amazingly exciting feeling and so why not take photos to capture that happiness in your eyes?

When you first get engaged, it’s a fairy-tale feeling that you think will never fade now that you’re on the road sign posted ‘happily ever after’. The thing is, you still have a wedding to plan. This can eventually leave you feeling like cupid shot you with an arrow and then dumped on a battlefield. Planning a wedding can get stressful so before you start firing orders at your fiancé to get things sorted for the wedding, why not capture the feeling of pure bliss and happiness? As these are the moments that really matter, right? When wedding planning gets hard, I often look at my engagement shoot pictures and calm down because it reminds me that the love we have for one another, which is the most important thing (and sometimes you just need that little reminder).

Reason 2

It’s the perfect opportunity to test out your wedding photographer

Wedding photos are one of the most important sets of photos in your entire life. Your wedding photos and videos are all you have to look back on your special day and so it’s important you love the photos. To ensure you love your wedding photos you must make sure that you pick a photographer you like. Having an engagement photoshoot is a great way to test out a photographer and to ensure that you like the that person’s photography style.

Reason 3

To learn how to be natural in front of the camera

Having a pre-wedding shoot with your potential wedding day photographer is a good way to help you to feel more comfortable on the day of the wedding. It will help you to build a relationship with the photographer which will enable you to behave more naturally on the big day. If you are a couple that has never done anything like this before, the best thing to do is to look for a photographer that gives direction. Photographers that have been around for a while tend to know how to make people feel relaxed so that they can capture the most natural shots.

Reason 4

You’ll have cute photos to use for save the dates, wedding invites, wedding website and wedding countdown posts for your social media etc.

So whatever you do, you will not regret it.

Reason 5

You may get a discount on your wedding photography!

Lots of photographers do special deals on photography packages with engagement shoots included or the wedding photography comes with a discount if you book an engagement shoot! So if it’s saving you money -why not?

I hope this has helped you to make up your mind. Check out my Guide to Engagement Photo Shoots to help you get the most out of your photo shoot 🙂

Love Ash


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