Will you be my Bridesmaid?

These Bridesmaid Cards were super easy to make and so much fun.

Here’s what you need:

Framed Cards with Envelopes

I used the framed cards from Kikki K ( $24.99 )

These cards are beautiful. So simple and elegant. They are an off-white colour with a gold bordered frame printed on a thick textured card. So perfect for wedding invites or thank you cards with photos!

Print your message

I made the paper insert on my computer, printed it and placed it in the card.


You can buy these anywhere, I got mine online they are now sold out but you can get similar necklaces from any costume jewellery shop. Lovisa and Collette stores now have sterling silver options too.

I then made two tiny cuts in the corners of the card and placed the necklace inside and stuck it down with some tape. To stop the pendant from moving I stuck it down with some a tiny glue dot (You can get glue dots from Kmart).

Simple as that.

Here are some cute message ideas that I absolutely love:

I couldn’t tie the knot without you (knot necklace)

Side by side or miles apart we are friends/cousins connected by heart (heart necklace)

I found my mister/Mr and now I need my sister (infinity pendant necklace)

As I prepare to be a bride it would mean the world to have you by my side (perfect write up for the inside of your card)

I hope you have fun making your own cards. Feel free to tag me in posts or send me pictures of your creations! I’d love to see what you make 🙂

Love Ash x


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