If you’re thinking of visiting Hawaii and a luxurious, picturesque resort with its own private beach sounds like your kind of holiday, then I highly recommend you visit the gorgeous tropical island of Maui.

The Resort

The resorts we saw in Maui were unreal. From the moment we arrived at Grand Wailea Resort in Maui, we felt like royalty. This place was absolutely luxury. On arrival we were each personally greeted and given a lei (fresh flowers for the ladies) as we walked into the most magnificently designed lobby. There were lush tropical gardens and stunning water features, it felt more like we just walked into a magical palace.

After checking in, Nathan and I rushed to our room and got changed ready to jump into the pools. One our way to our room we walked past gorgeous boutique gift shops and cafes. Everywhere we looked there was something to admire. The views from every angle of this resort were breath-taking. I couldn’t help but feel like I was dreaming.

Dining in Maui

The best thing about this resort was the selection of restaurants. Nathan and I love food and were absolutely spoilt for choice here. We decided to talk to a concierge to help us book a place for dinner. The concierge service was so easy and stress-free. We could choose anything from fine dining to bar dinners and casual cafes meals. They had menus from every restaurant within the resort and nearby resorts. All we had to do was choose and they would take care of the booking and our transport (if a taxi was needed). The great thing was that almost every restaurant was in walking distance and the concierge even has maps printed to show us the way. We ended up booking an Italian Restaurant at a nearby Hotel (Four Seasons Resort). So we took a romantic beach walk at sunset and we were there in less than 10minutes.

This dining experience is one we’ll remember forever. Seated outside, we ordered our drinks and watched the sun go down over the sea. The view was unreal and so romantic. The service we received from the restaurant staff was also exceptional.

Being the indecisive couple we are, it was dark before we’d chosen our mains. Our waiter quickly swapped our menus for light up menus. We had never seen light-up menus in our lives and I must say we were truly impressed.

Nathan and I had booked this trip to celebrate my graduation and the waiter had asked if it was special occasion (I think most people thought we were on our honeymoon). Nathan explained that I had recently Graduated University. After our mains, we didn’t order dessert because we were too full and we still had a huge pineapple mai tai to get through, but to my surprise, the waiter brought out a complimentary dessert dish with congratulations written in chocolate.


Unfortunately, we forgot to take a photo but this here is the aftermath! What a way to make us feel special! This experience was so magical I had tears in my eyes.


The Pools

Grand Wailea pools were so much fun. We both felt like celebrities staying at this lush well-kept resort with multiple swimming pools and its own stunning white-sand beach. The hotel even provided beach umbrellas, chairs, and towels. If that wasn’t enough they even had a no-children pool which was perfect for relaxing without kids splashing around too much.

The resort had stunning cabanas that could be booked. Each with a safe to keep your personal belonging safe whilst you’re swimming, clean towels, bottled spring water sitting in ice tubs and a constant service of fresh fruit and frozen grapes. If that wasn’t enough, there was also a lovely waiter that would and check on us and take food and drink orders that could be charged to our room, so we didn’t have to move a muscle.


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