What’s your photography style?

Talk to your partner about this and discuss what kind of photos you’re both hoping to achieve. Pinterest is a great way to get an understanding of what kinds of photo styles people go for. Are you wanting it to be a very casual shoot or little more glamourous? etc. Your style might be influenced by the location your wanting shoot photos for example at the beach or in a forest.

Find the right photographer & explain your vision and style

Next, it’s time to find a photographer.  If you’re finding it difficult to pick one that suits you remember that most photographers can alter their photography style if you give them a clear idea of what kind of images you’re hoping to achieve.

I went all out for the glamour as I love beautiful glamourous photos but what inspired me was a photographer I found online who is overseas. I loved his photos and so when I met with my photographer in NZ, I used examples of this person’s photography to explain what kind of photos I was hoping to achieve. Its best to think from your photographer’s point of view and help them to understand what you’re trying to achieve the best you can.

Location for your shoot

From this point onwards, you can discuss the most suitable location for your shoot to take place and what you’re going to wear.  Your photographer may be able to recommend places that suit your style. It good to take note of their recommendations and go and see the locations when you and your partner have some free time – if you don’t have time for this or it’s too far away,  you shouldn’t worry too much, the main part of the photo is you and your partner and backgrounds can always be blurred or edited to create a specific feel.

Remember there are thousands of photographers so if your photographer doesn’t have confidence in delivering what you’re hoping to achieve then you can always find another photographer. It’s not hard at all and there is no point paying someone for photos you won’t like.

Pick outfits that make you feel great

So by this stage, you have an idea of your photography style and locations for the shoot. This is where it all gets exciting! -It’s time to pick outfits! Pick an outfit that obviously suits your style and location but also ensure it is something that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. You need to feel confident in front of the camera, so wearing something that you feel sexy and beautiful in will make you feel amazing and that’s the key! When you look good, you feel good and that is what the camera will capture – your energy, happiness and beautifulness!

Be in the moment

When you’re in the photoshoot, the best thing to do is to pretend the camera man isn’t there. Think of it as a romantic walk with your partner. When you look at your partner think of how much you love your partner and how amazing being engaged feels.  As long as you focus your mind on that feeling being in love and walking down the aisle one day soon, there is no way you won’t have stunning photos!

Find inspiration

If you’re feeling nervous about the thought of this, a good idea could be to look for some photos you want to recreate. Pinterest is great for that.  Obviously, it can be hard to recreate the same thing, but you can get close and it’s a good way to inspire your creativity! As you can see below, the photo on the right is one I found online (by Said Mhamad Photography).  Nathan and I decided we wanted a photo like this, so we showed our photographer and tried to make it happen. It was quite funny at the time and we kept laughing because it wasn’t working but it’s all part of the fun.

The best thing about this photo is the memory of how Nathan was making me laugh whilst I was trying to keep my face straight and do the perfect pose.  You might even find that all of your posed photos are the ones you least like and the natural ones that come from before and after the pose are your favourite. These are the golden moments that your photographer will capture and that’s the true magic of photography!


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