Lots of people that are in engaged have either spent too much on their engagement party (which can mean you have to delay the wedding) or have decided not to have an engagement party at all because it’s too expensive.

Here are some ideas to help you plan an amazing engagement party without having to spend too much.

Your Venue

For an engagement party, the venue doesn’t need to be a wedding venue to be beautiful and perfect. It can even be at your house if you have space or even in a friend or family member’s backyard. Here are some ideas to help you decide:

Having your party at home

Bu having your party at home you can create an amazing engagement party at home and ask your guests to bring a plate! Saving you the expensive of having to feed everyone. In your invitations, you can always say ‘no gifts but if you’d like to bring a plate you are most welcome’. To make things more fun, you can always incorporate a competition, such as best finger-food prize and perhaps have people fill in voting cards (or post it notes). It’s a perfect way to kick off the speeches and get everyone’s attention!  BBQs are also a great cost-effective idea if the weather’s looking good.

If you’re having your party at home, try rummaging through your Christmas decorations and finding those lovely fairy lights! It’s a perfect way to jazz up your event without having to spend too much.

Having your party at a venue

If you’d really like to have your engagement party at a venue there are plenty of bars that will allow you to use their function space or outdoor area without charging you extra. The plus side for them is that you’re bringing lots of people who’ll spend money at the bar. You may need to spend some money on platters but some bars also allow you to BYO finger foods.

Remember when choosing a venue check if they have a minimum bar spend (this might be the case if venue hire is free), ask what the DJ / music arrangements are (you may be able to plug in your iPod), also ask if you can BYO food and cake.  You may also want to ask if they have furniture for you to set up your cake and a gift table etc.

Another idea is to have an engagement dinner at a restaurant that has a separate function area. People won’t expect their dinner to be paid for and lots of places have great tapas menus or banquet set menu options that can aren’t too expensive. If you have a place in mind, make sure to go in ask about these things as function spaces and menus are not always advertised.

Another thing to note is that lots of restaurants turn into a bar/club after a certain time, so it’s a great way to turn your dinner into a party without having to worry about hiring a DJ. You can give your guests the option if they’d like to join for dinner at x time (for $$) or just come for the toast and a dance from x time onwards. That way nobody is left out (and if you’re not feeling up to a dinner, dessert is always another great option!).

Have a cake but don’t over-do the cake

Image is taken from MommyGotTalent on Etsy  (link below)

An engagement cake is a perfect way to make your engagement party look amazing and its great for photos too! But if you’re going to cut a cake, remember that it doesn’t need to be as extravagant as a wedding cake. For now, you can think of some ways that can make your cake look amazing without having to spend hundreds. Here are some ideas:

Arranging your cake

Search for local cake bakers, ask friends or family who wouldn’t mind organising this for you. You never know someone might know a cake baker they’re friends with or that they work with. If all else fails, you can jazz up a cheesecake shop cake in ten minutes. Check out these cake links below (in less than a hundred dollars you’ll be sorted).

Cheesecake Shop Drip CakeCheesecake Shop White Rose MudcakeCheesecake Shop Tortes Gateau

Cake Flowers

You can pick your own flowers to sit on top of your cake or perhaps ask a friend/family member who has beautiful flowers growing in their backyard. Keep the flowers in water, in a cool place or in the fridge that way they’ll stay fresh for the day.

Cake Topper

A great way to jazz up your cake is to find a cake topper that will add that extra glam to your cake. They range from only around $10 – $20. Etsy is a great place to find some unique and gorgeous cake toppers. Check out this link for some inspiration. CouronneBoutique Etsy Shop

Table Cloth

To really jazz up a cake and make it a feature, a sequin table cloth will work wonders. You can find this type of material at spotlight.


If you’re having your cake displayed on a cake table, tea light candles are the perfect cost effective way to jazz up your display.


They’re easy enough to make at home and perhaps you can ask your bridesmaids to help you. Grab yourself a cupcake tower and you’re sorted!

Make A Dress Code

Let’s face it, if you want your engagement party to be classy, people need to look the part. A dress code is perfectly acceptable for an event like this. It also gets people excited and makes your event more of a special occasion rather than just another catch-up. It also makes your party more memorable.

If you’re having a simple party perhaps a simple colour theme could be an idea. It can match your decorations (Look Sharp Store has great options that won’t break your budget) and also means everyone is matching in photos. An all white theme is always a good idea and pretty easy for most people. Perhaps you and your fiancé can wear something different and so you will both stand out.

If you’re wanting to go all out, go for an amazing theme. Great Gatsby is always a big hit and a theme the men usually enjoy dressing up for too.

Whatever you decide, a theme usually makes your event memorable and fun so you can’t go wrong.


I hope this article has helped you in some way and taken the pressure off planning engagement party. I’d love to hear from you so please tag me in posts or comment below and share your ideas and photos.

Love Ash x


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