I think having an engagement party is a big decision depending on how ‘out-there’ you are thinking of going. So here’s some pros and cons to help you make your decision.

Embrace the feeling of just being proposed to

Remember, these memories will last a lifetime and the feeling is amazing! Engagement parties tend to be more relaxed than a wedding so if your friends and family will be saying a few words or doing a speech, it is usually a much more relaxed setting and people can be more natural when talking.

Create memories to last a lifetime

You and your partner becoming a bride and groom soon, so why not celebrate and create long-lasting memories! Whether you have your engagement party right after the proposal or later on, it is a fantastic way to enjoy the excitement everyone has for you and your partner to walk down the aisle soon! You only do this once so why not put on a celebration!

Perfect start to wedding planning

An engagement celebration is a great way to party your way into wedding planning! Planning a wedding should be exciting and so why no start it off with a bang! If you partner isn’t much of a wedding planner (which not everyone is) it is a lovely way to get them into the mood of planning and understanding how much fun the wedding will be when it comes around.

Celebrate with those who are not invited to your wedding

If having a small wedding is something you and your partner want then an engagement party is a great way to celebrate your wedding without the financial pressure of having to provide for everyone. You may have found that when writing your wedding guest list, there are some people who you feel bad not inviting but simply must leave out (for various reasons) so an engagement party could be your answer. You could let everyone know at the engagement party that you will be having a small wedding. This will create less of an expectation to be invited to your wedding. You will find that people will respect your honesty. Remember true friends will be happy that you’ve made the decision that’s right for you.

Save your money for the wedding

Engagement parties are exciting and couples do tend to sometimes spend a lot more than planned. You could save money by not having an engagement party and spend that money on making your wedding more lavish. Remember the important part of this entire thing IS the wedding! (which we brides sometimes forget). So remember, when working out a budget for the engagement party, think outside the box when it comes to your expenses for the day. Don’t forget to factor in spending on a new outfit, hair, makeup, shoes etc. (as it can add up quickly).

To help with this, perhaps work out a budget and date for the wedding first. Then decide on your allowance for the engagement party and if this is reasonable. If you need some cost-effective ideas read my blog on how to plan an engagement party on a budget for some great inspiration!

Save your time and energy for the wedding

There are lots of couples that start planning the engagement party as if it is their wedding day. This is cute, but it can also turn out to be not-so-cute when you realise you’ve spent a lot of time, energy and money on it and now you have to do it all over again for the wedding! (In saying that if you love events, like me, then I say go for it!) However, be mindful of your budget.


I think the idea of having an engagement party is just so wonderful. The most beautiful thing is seeing the excitement on the faces of all your friends and family! Everyone will be asking lots of questions like… have you set a date? Have decided on your dress? What colour theme will you go for? Have you thought of a venue? etc.  although these may be things you haven’t thought of, it is fun to talk about it.

I hope this blog has helped you to make your decision. Perhaps try making your own list of pros and cons with your partner. It will help you to decide if having an engagement party is something that you should do.

Your wedding is yours and your partner’s day, so whatever you decide to make it about you and not about pleasing everyone else. Always think positive, positive thoughts always lead to positive outcomes, so whatever you decide it will be a good decision for you.

Thanks for reading

Ash x

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