Here’s my first how-to! Follow me to see my how-to video that is going to be coming up soon! For now here’s some inspiration for your boxes! I thought I’d share my ideas on creating your own Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Boxes and Cards.  Making my own boxes and cards was so much fun and I hope what I did will inspire you to make your own too!

How I Chose The Contents

I based my boxes around treating my bridesmaids with something that they can use to relax! I thought this was the perfect way to show gratitude for my bridesmaid’s help in the lead up to my wedding. In my mind, I painted a picture of a relaxing setting: Hot bath, a glass of wine, chocolates and an amazingly scented candle.

Here are the Gifts I chose:

  • Lush Bath Bomb
  • Miniature Perfume Bottles – Sets available at most pharmacy’s or at Farmers
  • Miniature Wine Bottles – From New World (any supermarket or liquor store).
  • Chocolates
  • Ecoya Candles – Stevens, Farmers, Red Current
  • To Do list / Note Books – Typo or Kikki K have pretty ones it’s a perfect gift to help your bridesmaids if there’s lots of things to remember
  • Jewellery– I bought mine from different places. Lovisa & Colette are perfect shops to go to.


  • Boxes
  • Wrapping paper
  • Gift packing paper straw

For packaging, you can get everything you need from Spotlight, craft shops or $2 Dollar shops.

Some other ideas for your boxes

  • Macaroons
  • Nail polish -This could be a colour you’d like your bridesmaids to wear on the day.
  • Makeup
  • Colour swatches (Lots of people on Pinterest put colour swatches in the boxes to give their bridesmaids an idea of the colours you’ll be using at your wedding. This is helpful for things like decorations, picking flowers and dress choices etc. I didn’t do this as I still hadn’t decided but it could be an idea for you if you’ve got your colours sorted.)
  • Bridesmaid badges or sashes.
  • Wine Glasses –Great for pre-wedding day toasts, wedding toasts on the big day or used at your hen’s party
  • Coffee & Tea mugs -Perfect for the morning of the wedding
  • Bridesmaid Robes
  • Eye Masks
  • PJ’s –This might sound a little over the top but it’s pretty cute to get ready for the wedding in matching PJs especially if you’re having a sleepover the night before.


Spotlight have glass pens that you can use to write on glass, which is the perfect way to personalise your wine glasses. They also have ceramic ones which are really handy for making personalised mugs!

If you’re wondering where I got the roses from, I bought a bunch of fake roses from the $2 dollar shop and cut them up and placed them randomly in my boxes! It was the perfect finishing touch and a super cost saving way to do it!


But what if all my bridesmaids don’t like the same things?

For me so it was hard to pick gifts that would suit all of my bridesmaids. So I decided to make each box personal by substituting some items for things that suited that particular bridesmaid. For example, one of my friends has sensitive skin and doesn’t have a bath in her flat, so she wouldn’t use a bath bomb or bubble bath. So instead I swapped out bath bombs for sensitive hand creams.

As you can see in the pictures I also created labels for my gifts. I thought this was a great idea because it is a way to really personalise your gifts to make them extra special and meaningful. I was inspired by these pictures I found on Pinterest.

Soon I’ll be posting the Printables for you to download! Feel free to sign up to my newsletters if you’d like to be the first to know when they’re up! 🙂

What if all my bridesmaids are overseas?

Many of my bridesmaids are overseas so it was difficult to make a box that I could post. There are restrictions with what you can post in the mail internationally (like flammable items such as perfume, nail polish and alcohol). Things also move around in the post and break, plus it’s all about the presentation & the wow factor when they open the box, which would be ruined with bubble wrap etc. So I decided to think of a workaround.

I decided that I would make the boxes just for my bridesmaids in New Zealand and after lots of thought I came up with a beautiful proposal card that incorporates a gift of jewellery and some special photos, so it was the perfect way to ‘propose’ to my bridesmaids with a sweet message. I didn’t want them to feel any less important so I’ve decided I will make goodie bags for them with the same contents when they arrive for the wedding as a ‘thank you’ gift.

Read my How To Make Your Own Bridesmaid Proposal Cards Blog and find out how I made them!

 Tips for making your own boxes

Don’t over crowd the boxes. Remember less is more. Make all the things you’ve picked stand out when you arrange them in the box.

Make sure you pick the right box to fit everything. I made the mistake of picking the box before I bought the gifts and then found that there wasn’t enough space to sit everything in nicely so I had to rearrange and rethink a few things.

I was tearing my hair out trying to theme my boxes with my wedding colours! So if you haven’t decided on your wedding colours yet you may need to let go of theming your box with your wedding colours. In the end, I just chose the colours I liked and I let my wedding colours come to me over time. Remember there’s always other ways you can incorporate your wedding colours.

The simpler the better. The simpler you go with the box easier it is to make it stand out with a few things.

Just be you. Don’t over think the things you see on Pinterest and try to do them a certain way. They’re great for inspiration but don’t pressure yourself to make your boxes look like them. Whatever you make will be amazing because it was done with love. Your bridesmaids will love it because you made it yourself!

I hope you enjoy making your Bridesmaids boxes. I loved making mine. It bought tears to my sister’s eyes when they opened their boxes. I couldn’t have been more touched by their reaction and it made the time and effort I put in so worth it.

Lastly, remember whenever you put time and effort into something you’ll always be rewarded.

I’d love to see your boxes so please email me photos and tag me on social media! Feel free to comment below if you have any questions!

Thanks for reading!

Love Ash x


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