Congratulations on your engagement! What an amazing feeling it is to have been asked by the person you love to be theirs forever!

If you can’t stop looking at your engagement ring, well this is just the beginning! I’ve been engaged for quite a while now and I still find myself gazing at my ring! It is the most special feeling to have a beautiful ring sitting on your finger reminding you of the commitment the person you love has made to you.

Read on to get some tips on announcing your engagement…

Santorini just blew us away. It literally looked like heaven on earth. The water, the sun, the white buildings, and caves were beyond stunning. When we decided on visiting the Greece we first thought we must go to the Greek islands but we couldn’t decide which one. We did some research on other Greek Islands and soon realised that Santorini was exactly what we were looking for on this holiday; towering white cliffs, delicious food, stunning waters, and romantic sunsets.

Here’s my first how-to! Follow me to see my how-to video that is going to be coming up soon! For now here’s some inspiration for your boxes! I thought I’d share my ideas on creating your own Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Boxes and Cards.  Making my own boxes and cards was so much fun and I hope what I did will inspire you to make your own too!